Cavanaugh Releases "Lost" Material from Book

March 31, 2009 by

CALIFORNIA -- If former WNDR/WFBL/WTLB/WJMK jock Peter Cavanaugh's 2002 book Local DJ was a film, you might say most of his memories of Syracuse were lost "on the cutting room floor" ... until now.  Cavanaugh tells us the original, uncut Syracuse section he wrote is now available online, free of charge.

The jock-turned-author tells he's having a blast living just outside the entrance to Yosemite National Park -- "think Thornden Park the size of Rhode Island  without a water tower," he says.  He goes on to explain:

"When I wrote the first draft of Local DJ in 1994, eight years prior to publication in April of 2002, the early 'Syracuse Section' covered the first five chapters and ran around 7,000 words in length. Much was abandoned in the last edit, which compressed Syracuse memories into 'Chapter Two' in the final version."

Cavanaugh says he just posted the complete, original Syracuse section from the original draft on his website:

Admittedly, we haven't had time to read the material at length, but the reviews for the book on were all very positive.

Cavanaugh jokingly tells us, " I try to keep myself from too frequently frequenting a lovely Irish bar just down the mountain by undertaking various little projects."  Now that this project is done, we hope he'll find something else to keep busy with... after a celebratory beverage, of course.

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