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April 6, 2009 by

What does a Editor do on a slow news day?  Maybe working on the Station Wiki or perhaps importing Scott's old articles into the Archives.  But we've caught the Twitter bug... another easy way for you to keep up with the latest.

Of course, our RSS feed has always been a useful way for you to track our latest headlines the moment we post a new article, and it will continue to serve that purpose.  But for those of you who prefer Twitter, we'll now be utilizing that as well.

Bear in mind, the Twitter feed isn't as "automatic" as the RSS feed... so there may be times when items hit Twitter a little later than they hit the site.  Update 4/7: The new feed will "tweet" headlines the moment we publish new articles.  But we also have the ability to tweet additional items at any time.

Just head to to check our feed, and if you've already got a Twitter account, you can follow us.  We're already following about 20 local radio-related Twitter feeds we found during a quick search of station websites, as well as Google.

In fact, we promise, by the end of the week, we'll have at least one tidbit on Twitter that you won't see published on the front page of the site.  (And for the tiny handful of you who may know what we're hinting at... shhh!)

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