Update: Love Radio on 105.1 Confirmed, Calls to Change

May 5, 2009 by

Updated 5/6 at 8:30pm - SYRACUSE -- There was no programming on 105.1 by the end of Tuesday, as we were originally led to believe, but we have official confirmation that the station will simulcast WVOA's "Love Radio" format when it returns to the airwaves.

That's the word from Sam Furco, one of the new owners of WWDG.  He tells the station should be powered back up "within the next few days. Most likely Friday."

The station has been silent since last Friday afternoon, when the $1.25 million sale of WWDG from Aloha Stations Trust to Foxfur Communications officially closed.  Former owner Clear Channel, who had continued to supply programming for the station under Aloha, promptly terminated the Nova 105.1 format that had occupied the frequency since mid-2006.

Furco also tells that the WWDG call letters will also be changing, but he cannot yet say what the new calls will be, or when they will take effect.  He promised to keep us updated, and we'll pass the news along when we get it.  The WWDG calls were established when Clear Channel launched "New Rock 105 - The DOG."  The calls remained unchanged when the station re-branded as Nova.

Full Circle

The decision to resume simulcasting WVOA could be viewed as a "full circle" for the DeRuyter-licensed 105.1 signal.  You may recall (with the help of the Station Wiki) that WWDG was WVOA, from 1981 until 2001.  

That's when Craig Fox (the first half of the namesake for Foxfur Communications) transferred the call letters to sister station 103.9FM/Mexico, presumably to keep the heritage calls in his possession before selling 105.1 to Clear Channel just a few months later.

5 comments on “Update: Love Radio on 105.1 Confirmed, Calls to Change”

  1. Well if that's the case, that certainly is too bad. I was really hoping he'd put on "Movin" instead of "Love Radio", because then he'd expand his coverage of that great format to the southern parts of the county and into Cortland County, where you can't listen to "Movin" at all. With the result of bringing in new listeners to the south.

    I think he's making a terrible mistake of restoring his religious format to that frequency. He's missing an opportunity to reach new listeners in the south.

  2. While it's no loss for me, some of the comments support the argument that Syracuse is a frustrating market to be a listener in, as the corporate stations try to be all things to all people and the local stations just throw stuff up to see what sticks, and both do whatever they please and leave us needing to go to distant stations, digital radio or tapes/CDs/whatever to find something we actually want to listen to.

  3. Is that a big enough demographic in this market to draw ratings enough to generate sufficient advertising revenue? Not being sarcastic, just asking.

  4. Well i have my own radio show for about 3 yrs now in wvoa and yeah things are tight some times but i do have agood responce of about 150 calls average per show.
    The latino community is growing every year and i think is time to cater to it and i think this will help.
    wvoa has gave a home to mi show as well as the latino community and i'm for ever be gratefull.
    "LATIN EXPLOSION"radio show


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