POTW: Wake Up, Johnny!

May 22, 2009 by

WATERTOWN -- While most radio pros spend the time during songs or commercials doing show prep, taking listener calls, or maybe grabbing a cuppajoe, morning man Johnny Spezzano at Watertown's The Border 106.7 (WBDR) has a different strategy...

...taking little catnaps right on the board, when he's not on the air!

Hey, we're not exposing any secrets -- Johnny posted this on his own page on the CHR station's (relatively) new website at

When we first started last year, all we ever could find for The Border was a website that looked like it hadn't been touched in months, if not years -- it even still had the old 2-station logo, from back when The Border was also heard on 102.7.  (As of this writing, that logo still appears as the "current" logo on WBDR's Wikipedia entry.)

But sometime in the last month or two, we were wandering around the Interwebs and discovered The Border finally out that new website online... and since it also includes new pictures, here we are with a 2-for-1... a Picture of the Week, and a little news from the North Country!


Got Pictures?
We'll admit it -- digging around for new pictures isn't exactly our favorite thing to do.  You'll make our week -- and get some great free PR for your station at the same time -- if you send your Picture of the Week submissions to - or you can even upload them through our Contact page.

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