More Internet Radio Options in CNY

May 28, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- There are more and more online radio stations popping up across Central New York, giving listeners more avenues to hear the music of local artists, as well as other niches that would normally be too specific for traditional broadcast radio stations.
The Syracuse Post-Standard's Mark Bialczak runs down some of the many options in today's paper.  Especially interesting is a stream provided by the Liverpool Public Library -- if you hear a title you really like, a few simple clicks will let you reserve the CD that title came from.  You'll be notified when the CD is available for you to borrow.

The column also touches on an internet station operated by the Redhouse Art Studio in Armory Square.

In a separate posting on the paper's "Daily Dose" blog, Bialczak polled some of his readers about their favorite online radio suggestions.

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