DeafGeoff Camps Out for a Cause

May 31, 2009 by

Updated 6/1 at 8:15pm: SYRACUSE -- After camping out at the Carousel Center all weekend long, Hot 107.9 (WWHT) morning sidekick DeafGeoff raised thousands of dollars for the 17th Annual AIDS Walk/Run to benefit AIDS Community Resources.

At the end of the event on Monday morning, DeafGeoff announced he had raised $5,862.90 for the cause.  He's proud of what came in, but says it's still far short of the goal of $10,079.  Donations are still being accepted online -- click the graphic at left to donate.

We would have posted an article to let you know about the event sooner, but we only found out about it on Sunday afternoon, while combing through some Twitter tweets.  (A good reminder for promotions peeps to send your event press releases to

DeafGeoff camped out since the morning show started at 5:30 on Friday morning, and stayed through the end of Monday morning's show at 10:00am.  He provided live updates for various jocks all weekend long.  There were also plenty of "extras" to attract listeners to stop by, including free food, live musical performances by local bands, an appearance from the Assault City Roller Derby team, and an artist who drew cariactures in exchange for donations to the cause.

Visit DeafGeoff's live blog on the Hot 107.9 website for a detailed rundown of the weekend's events and plenty of pictures.

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