What the Heck Happened to CNYRadio?

June 11, 2009 by

Update 6/17 - Thanks for your patience as our trip "back in time" to our old look runs a little longer than planned.  But don't let the look dissuade you -- we're still taking news tips, story ideas, Picture of the Week submissions and everything else as we continue working on issues behind the scenes.

In case you missed it, late last week, we decided to upgrade the core software that runs  The upgrade itself went well.  But soon after, we realized, buried deep within the "theme" (the files that give the site it's look), there is code requesting features that simply doesn't exist anymore in the new version of the core.  For whatever reason, this conflict wound up crashing the entire site.

Since the "old" look you're seeing now still works fine, the plan was to switch over just for the weekend -- with the hopes we'd be able to get the "current" look fixed up and back into action.  As it turns out, the author of that theme no longer supports it -- so were not able to get any upgrades or help in the repairs.

However, the same theme author has created several newer, cooler themes -- and we were considering switching to one of them eventually anyway, so this kinda forced us to dive right in.  The new theme is installed now, but there's plenty of little things here and there we want to change, tweak, customize (whichever word you like the best) and we've run into a few roadblocks along the way.  Progress was slow over the weekend and on Monday.  Made plenty of headway on Tuesday, but for the rest of this week and weekend, I've got a pretty busy schedule that'll be severely limiting my computer time.

Long story short, we've got a brand new look coming... but since we won't have time to get much work done with it over the next few days, we're looking at maybe another week or so of the "old" look before we can finally unveil the new look.

Thanks for your patience!

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