Sparse Radio Coverage of Jackson Memorial

July 7, 2009 by

Updated 7/8/09 - Radio reacted quickly to the death of Michael Jackson last month, sharply increasing spins of his titles.  But few local radio stations went out of their way to offer live coverage of the singer's memorial service in Los Angeles today.

The only on-air mention we happened to catch by chance this morning came from Utica's Lite 98.7 WLZW, where morning host Mark Richards said the station would provide a live feed on its website, but it was business as usual for the Regent AC station's on-air signal.

Update - All day long, we invited station personnel to e-mail us with any plans they had to carry the service live.  WSYR newscaster Alex Silverman sent us a Tweet to let us know Clear Channel sister station Power 106.9 (WPHR) carried the memorial live.  Other than that, there were no responses.

According to Mediabase, there were just over 500 radio spins of Jacko's hits on June 24, the the day before his unexpected passing.  The day of his death, that number skyrocketed to more than 15,000, and then more than doubled to nearly 34,400 a day later.  By the following Wednesday, that number was down to about 2,000 spins -- a sharp decline, but still about four times the normal level.

One comment on “Sparse Radio Coverage of Jackson Memorial”

  1. The media so bombarded us with death coverage I think most people were burned out before the memorial even took place. I know I was.


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