Former Y94 Morning Duo Aims for Syndication

July 21, 2009 by

PORTLAND, OR -- The husband and wife team of Pete Michaels and Brenda Bissett have worked at plenty of stations in their career, including Syracuse's Y94FM (WYYY).  Where are they now?  Looks like they're hoping to get themselves on many more stations -- at the same time.

We spotted an advertisement on a national radio website, proclaiming "Pete and Brenda in the Morning: Top 5 morning show now available for syndication!"  Could it be the same Pete & Brenda who hosted mornings at Y94 from 2001-2004?  We clicked the ad out of curiosity, and yes, it is indeed the same Pete and Brenda.

Nearly all the audio and video offered as samples for prospective PDs appear to come from the couple's most recent job at Christian-formatted KFIS "104.1 The Fish" in Portland, Oregon.  In fact, their homepage prominently features Portland weather forecasts in the form of a local TV meteorologist's Twitter feed.

But when we checked the KFIS station website, we found someone else listed as the solo morning show host.  After some Googling, we found a Yahoo! Answers post indicating the duo fell victim to budget cuts last year.

Even with no apparent affiliates signed on board yet, we thought it was worth noting at least one connection from Central New York stayed with Pete & Brenda after all these years: the show promises to include periodic chats with Syracuse resident Terri McGraw, better known across the country as Mrs. Fixit.

Pete and Brenda arrived in Syracuse in late 2001, after longtime Y94 morning host "Big Mike" Fiss jumped ship to take the same shift at Galaxy's Sunny 102.1 (WZUN).  The couple exited when Clear Channel announced plans to pair up veteran Syracuse broadcaster Rick Gary with Kathy Rowe.  Bissett followed in Big Mike's footsteps, almost immediately landing the midday shift at Sunny.  Her husband co-hosted the first couple days to say goodbye to listeners as a couple before Bissett continued with the shift on her own.


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