Plenty of Special Events Planned at WEOS

July 23, 2009 by

GENEVA -- After seeing Tuesday's article about the mug contest at fellow NPR affiliate WRVO, General Manager Aaron Read at WEOS writes to tell us his station's also been asking for listeners to lend their creativity to a similar project for a little over a week now.  And he says WEOS has some other big events in the works.

Read says the station is accepting photographs for their "2010 Listener Calendar."  Just like the WRVO anniversary mug, the WEOS calendars will go on sale later this year as a fundraiser for the public station.  But instead of just one mug designer, WEOS will be choosing 12 winners -- one photo for each month.  Winners get their name published in the calendar, and they'll get a free copy.  The deadline for submissions is August 31.  Technical requirements, the entry form and official rules are on the WEOS website.

National Shows Broadcasting from Ithaca

WEOS will be hosting a live broadcast of "Talk of the Nation: Science Friday" at Cornell University on October 9, 2009.  Tickets to the show are free.  Again, more details on the WEOS website.  We felt nostalgic upon learning the show is hosted by Ira Flatow, who we vaguely remember as the host of an PBS series from the 1980s called Newtons Apple.  We don't remember a whole lot about the show itself, other than that it was about science... and it had a really catchy theme song, which we were pleased to find on YouTube (it starts slow, let it get about 25 seconds in... if you were a kid in the early 80s, you'll hopefully recognize it).  Enough rambling...

Read also tells, "we have a contract signed to host a live broadcast of Whad'ya Know."  That broadcast will take place at Ithaca's State Theater on June 5, 2010.  Not too many other details yet, but Read says more information will be posted at as the finer details are finalized.

On the Wiki
Our thanks again to Aaron Read, who took the time to complete the WEOS entry on the Station Wiki. It's the only Ithaca/Cortland market station with a completed entry, because of his work. Any registered user can edit pages on the Wiki... so if your station's page is still incomplete, get yourself a FREE login and then learn how to edit pages.  If you're already familiar with editing on Wikipedia, you'll feel right at home.


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