Clear Channel Counters: Flips Power to "Young Country"

August 28, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- Less than two hours after Foxfur Communications launched a new country format on "Wolf 105.1" (WVOA), Clear Channel, the owner of heritage country station B104.7 (WBBS) has fired back its own salvo -- flipping urban-formatted Power 106.9 over to "Young Country 106.9."

The move effectively triples the number of country stations in the Syracuse market within a matter of two hours -- all located in the triple-digit portion of the FM dial. tried to reach Clear Channel Operations Manager Rich Lauber just after 5:00pm to ask for his comment on the WVOA flip -- at the time, we had no indication he was planning his own format flip.

WPHR was formerly an urban station branded as Power 106.9 with "Today's R&B n' Old Skool."   The station's website has been replaced by a very generic splash page stating "Young Country 106.9 is Currently Under Construction."

5 comments on “Clear Channel Counters: Flips Power to "Young Country"”

  1. Howdy ! Wow, its gone full circle! Back in the 1980's this was known as WPCX, Picks-106, and they played country for quite some time, and did very well especially around the Finger Lakes. It was WRLX easy listening before that, and started as WMBO-FM. Gee, maybe they should have just left it alone in the first place.

  2. Sounds like Rich and the CC people are havin' some fun too ! Maybe there'll be Rick Wright & "Old School Country", and Kenny Dees as the "Urban Cowboy". What a concept ! Nothing better than fun in radio.

  3. Doesn't ClearChannel already have a country station in this market - and the #1 station in the market at that?

  4. Northeast Radio Watch is reporting 106.9 is back to the urban format as of 8:00 AM 8/31, apparently we don't need so many country stations after all.


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