Imus Gets New TV Simulcasting Deal

September 3, 2009 by

NEW YORK CITY -- Don Imus will be back on TV again very soon.  The syndicated morning radio host's show will be simulcast by the Fox Business Network, beginning October 5th.  As part of the deal, radio listeners can expect to hear "The I-Man" talking money a little more often.

According to an article in the New York Daily News, Imus won't be going "all business" all the time, but sources at Fox say the show will be somewhat more business-oriented in order to appeal to the fledgling cable channel's target audience.

Stock numbers and other key data will be displayed continuously on an "L-Bar" which will run across the bottom and right-hand side of the screen.  Imus will also toss to "frequent" news updates from the 3-anchor "Fox Business Morning Team." (There's no word on exactly how "frequent.")

In order to make those tosses seamless, Imus will be moving from the studios of his flagship station, WABC, to new studios in the Fox News building.  Both facilities are located in Manhattan.  A spokesperson for Fox also says Imus will have more "business guests" on his show.

The TV simulcast will only air from 6 to 9am, but Imus will remain on the air until 10am for radio only.  His radio show, syndicated by Citadel Media, is carried locally in Syracuse by Clear Channel's Sportsadio 620 WHEN, and in the Utica-Rome market on Arjuna Broadcasting's ESPN Radio WNRS 1420.


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