New Format in the Works for WSEN(AM)

September 3, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- The sudden simulcast change on WSEN(AM) yesterday morning is the first step towards a brand new format at 1050 on the AM dial.  That's what has learned this morning from General Manager Judy Kelly, two days after Leatherstocking Media Group has effectively overtaken the Buckley cluster through an LMA.

Kelly tells, WSEN-FM will not change, but "there will be a new format on the AM. In the near future, Leatherstocking Media will begin broadcasting a third distinct format here in Syracuse."  As you might expect, Kelly is unable to provide any further details on the new format or an exact launch date.

Kelly added, "I love it that people are listening that carefully to notice" the fact that WSEN(AM) started simulcasting WFBL "just after 8AM" yesterday.  It had previously been simulcasting WSEN-FM.

Regarding the transition of control at the Smokey Hollow Road studios, Kelly tells us, "I’m happy to report that things are going smoothly. The staff remains intact and we’re excited about what the future brings."

One comment on “New Format in the Works for WSEN(AM)”

  1. Does it much matter what format is on the 1050-AM signal? I remember trying to listen when it was still WFBL and running the talk format a few years ago, and a 25-watt lightbulb has a further reach at night, they'd cut to the night power level and I could barely hear them in Liverpool. In the winter that cutover could be as early as 5:00 PM or so. I always felt like the main purpose of WSEN-AM was for people with old cars that have AM-only radios to get something besides news/talk and sports on the dial.


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