WRVO's WRVD Adds HD and HD2 Streams

October 16, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- Listeners of the NPR programming on 89.9 WRVO's Syracuse repeater, WRVD 90.3, now have the ability to hear both WRVO's main feed, and the "WRVO Extra" HD2 feed.

The station just added HD capabilities to the WRVD transmitter.  Most HD signals don't reach as far as analog signals, so while many Syracuse listeners may be able to hear WRVO's analog signal, they may not be able to hear WRVO-HD or -HD2.  The station says the new HD capabilities on WRVD will help bring the HD programming to more listeners.

WRVO's programming is also carried in Watertown and Utica, but according to the station's website, "upgrade plans [in those markets] have been put on hold until additional money can be found for these projects."

One comment on “WRVO's WRVD Adds HD and HD2 Streams”

  1. The addition of WRVO Extra on WRVO's Syracuse transmitter is another good improvement to the programming available to people with HD Radios in Syracuse. Interesting that it happened in the same week that WSYR appeared on 106.9-HD2. You might say that there is a HD Radio news-talk "format war," with three news-talk services on the HD Radio dial! Let the battle begin!


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