Jon Alvarez to Host Noon Hour at WFBL

October 17, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- Earlier this week, we were told the new CNY Talk Radio (WFBL) would have an hour of local programming with a host "to be announced." Now, we know who that host will be: Jon Alvarez, who some may remember as a frequent guest on the Bill Colley Show, during WFBL's previous incarnation as a talk station.

One slight change from before: earlier this week, GM Judy Kelly told us the new show would begin next week, but Alvarez tells that date has been pushed back to Monday, October 26th.

Alvarez tells he hopes the show will be "an exciting opportunity for listeners in CNY seeking an opportunity to discuss local, relevant issues in a friendly and informative format."

Kelly concurs, saying, "we’re excited to welcome Jon back to the airwaves.  We believe that he will do an excellent job covering the local community and upstate NY concerns."

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If you missed the rest of the new WFBL lineup, see our article from October 12, 2009.

3 comments on “Jon Alvarez to Host Noon Hour at WFBL”

  1. Have to wonder how he'll do against Rush Limbaugh, versus how he'd do if they ran the show head to head with Reith or Galuski. Hopefully well enough to be profitable, at least.


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