Lite Rock 97.3 Releases Christmas Music Plan

November 25, 2009 by

ITHACA -- There will soon be a lot more holiday cheer on the airwaves in Ithaca, but not around the clock.  Saga's Lite Rock 97.3 (WYXL) has announced plans to go all-Christmas during specific dayparts and on weekends.

The plans were featured in an email blast sent to members of the station's "Lite Rock E-Club" today.

Starting tomorrow, the station will go all-Christmas during the syndicated John Tesh Radio Show, which airs Sunday through Friday from 7pm to midnight.  The station will also feature wall-to-wall holiday hits on weekends.  During the week, holiday music will be sprinkled in among the station's normal AC playlist.

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One comment on “Lite Rock 97.3 Releases Christmas Music Plan”

  1. Makes more sense than going to 100% holiday tunes and possibly driving away listeners. It gets old after a while for some people. Personally that's why I avoid music radio most of the time as it is, no matter the format they only play the same certain songs.


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