KRock Listeners to Pick Decade's Top 100 Songs

December 5, 2009 by

SYRACUSE/UTICA -- What were the best rock songs of the last ten years?  The dual-market KRock trio of stations (WKRH/WKRL/WKLL) is asking listeners to cast their votes towards the "Top 100 KRock Songs of the Aughts."

The results will be presented in the form of a day-long countdown on December 30th.  According to Mark Bialczak's Listen Up blog, that countdown will begin at 9am, and KRock PD Nixon estimates it'll be done around 6pm.

Voting is easy -- KRock has all the candidates listed on their website.  Just check the boxes for your top 10 picks and scroll down to hit the "Vote" button.

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