Limbaugh Back in Studio Wednesday

January 4, 2010 by

Rush Limbaugh will return to the airwaves on Wednesday, according to his syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks.  The conservative talk host, heard in all 4 markets, had a brief scare last week when he was rushed to the hospital after complaining of chest pain.

According to All Access and several other sources, Limbaugh has since reported he did not have a heart attack, and in fact, doctors "found absolutely nothing wrong" with his heart.

All Access reports frequent guest host Mark Steyn will fill-in for Limbaugh once again tomorrow.

Limbaugh's show is heard locally on WSYR in Syracuse, WIBX in Utica, WTNY in Watertown and WHCU in Ithaca.

Originally posted 12/31/09:

Limbaugh "Resting Comfortably" After Chest Pains Prompt Hospital Visit

HONOLULU -- Reports say Rush Limbaugh is "resting comfortably" in a Hawaii hospital after "suffering chest pains" on vacation yesterday.  Limbaugh's 3-hour daily show is carried by 600 stations nationwide including affiliates in all four markets covered by  Honolulu's KITV has more details.

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  1. WSYR has a link on their webpage where people can leave get-well wishes for Rush if they'd like to. Presumably so do most stations who carry his program. Rush mentioned before Christmas that he was having some back issues and because of his addiction problem can not take pain medication (the segment was repeated on the Jan 1 "best of"), which may have some bearing on how they treat this problem, and how soon he'll be able to return to the air.


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