Kiss-FM's S-Dot Sounds Off on Utica Club Scene

February 2, 2010 by

UTICA-ROME -- Recent concerns about criminal activity at night clubs in the Utica area have promoted some discussion among the DJs who play music at those clubs. Kiss-FM (WSKS/WSKU)'s S-Dot -- who also works as a club DJ -- was among a handful interviewed for a newspaper article published today.

S-Dot -- whose real name is Sean Morelle -- tells the Utica Observer-Dispatch his business, The Mov.Em.Ent, used to play gigs at "The Bogie II." But at one point, Morelle says he and his colleagues stopped accepting bookings at that particular venue because they felt security wasn't adequate.

Incidentally, The Bogie II was recently shut down by law enforcement after a string of violent crimes took place on the premises. The article didn't say exactly when The Mov.Em.Ent stopped playing at the Bogie II, but it apparently was a good decision, as Morelle told the paper, "there's never been an incident at our parties."

The article goes on to discuss how the closing of The Bogie II and other local clubs is making it harder for local club DJs and hip-hop performers to secure work.  Performers argue that hip-hop music itself doesn't breed crime, and shouldn't be given a reputation of doing so.

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One comment on “Kiss-FM's S-Dot Sounds Off on Utica Club Scene”

  1. Maybe the music doesn't breed crime, but the fans of it sure seem to, because I've seen it happen in Syracuse too. Some clubs won't book those parties anymore, particularly after a night that most of the one place's bouncers ended up making a trip to the hospital.


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