Arbitron Re-issues Syracuse Book After Station Omitted

February 4, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- Radio audience estimates for the Syracuse market are finally "official" today, after Arbitron re-issued the Fall 2009 book this morning. The ratings company had to re-issue the data after it was discovered one station was completely left out of the original results.

That missing station was MOViN 100.3 (WMVN), as confirmed to by station manager Sam Furco. It's possible Arbitron may have been confused after the station changed call letters from WMVU to WMVN in late November. At the same time, 96.7FM in Oswego, which had the WMVN calls earlier, flipped from a simulcast of MOViN to a simulcast of sister station New Country WOLF 105.1 as WWLF-FM. (Confused? See the earlier story for a neat little chart.) has also reached out to Arbitron for comment.  No response yet, but we'll update this story if/when we hear back.

According to, the P12+ ratings are expected to be made public today, but as of 1:30pm, they have not yet appeared.  The ratings have been embargoed from public view since the Spring 2008 survey, so it's not clear if the "Next Release: 3/4/2010" listed on is just a fluke, or if we'll really get a chance to see the numbers today.

Added 2/6 at 9:30am - Apparently Syracuse isn't the only market where Arbitron goofed... according to AllAccess, the company also reissued the data for Austin, Texas due to a similar problem.  The book in Atlantic City was also reissued, after it was revealed some of the diaries were completed by a "media-affiliated household."

Oh, and still no public numbers from Arbitron... it's looking like they've been embargoed yet again.


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