WCNY Brings "The Sandman" Back to Sandman Serenade

February 19, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- Remember The Sandman Serenade from WOLF back in the 1940s and 1950s?  You may already know public broadcaster WCNY-FM has had a revival of the show on its HD2 channel for some time now.  But starting tonight, they've got "The Sandman" himself back in the air chair.  Even if you don't remember the original show, chances are you'll recognize the host by his real name.

Program Director Peter McElvein tells the new host is local broadcasting icon Jack Morse, who went by "The Sandman" when he first worked at WOLF in 1954, while still attending Syracuse University.  Morse also worked at WHEN from 1959 through much of the 60s.  But most people probably remember Morse as a TV sports anchor, first for channel 5, then later for channel 9, where he retired in 2000.  Morse would later return to radio, providing sports updates during the now-defunct Phil Markert morning show on WTLA.

McElvein says Morse takes over as host of The Sandman Serenade starting tonight at 10 on WCNY-HD2.  As he describes it, the show "features music from WCNY-HD2's deep library of 50s/60s oldies."  If you don't have an HD Radio, you can listen online at

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One comment on “WCNY Brings "The Sandman" Back to Sandman Serenade

  1. Here's a small correction to this story. Jack Morse didn't always use the name "The Sandman." The WOLF staff announcer for the evening shift got to be the Sandman when he did The Sandman Serenade program. Other announcers were the Sandman, such as Dick Clark, and Dusty Rhodes, who later became a legend in Cincinnati.

    I have a copy of an audio documentary produced by some 1940's and 50's alumni of WOLF called "WOLF--the Sandman Years." It ran on the air (on WNDR!) in the 1980's. I will send an mp3 of it to anyone who is interested. My e-mail address is


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