Sports Network Shuffle in Syracuse

March 5, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- A number of changes first announced in December finally took place today.  ESPN Radio has changed its Syracuse affiliation over from Citadel's WSKO (formerly WNSS) 1260 over to a four-station simulcast including two AMs and two FM translators owned by Galaxy. 

As announced earlier, ESPN Radio is now being broadcast on 97.7 (W249BC/Mattydale) and 100.1 (W259AX/Oswego) on the FM dial.  It is also being carried on the AM dial by WTLA 1200 and WSGO 1440.  Additionally, Galaxy is giving the Spanish-language ESPN Deportes network a home in the market, on WSCP 1070 (Sandy Creek).

Galaxy is also piping ESPN Radio into the Utica market, on the three stations branded as “The Game.”  The trio includes WTLB 1310 Utica, WIXT 1230 Little Falls and WRNY 1350 Rome.

On the other side of the equation, WSKO (which recently picked up those call letters while rebranding to "The Score 1260") is now filling most of its schedule with Sporting News Radio.  As part of the transition, the station pulled Don Imus over from Clear Channel's WHEN (Citadel syndicates Imus).  The locally-produced afternoon show, On the Block with Brent Axe, remains intact, and adds an extra hour, starting at 2pm instead of 3.


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