Delilah Moves Down Syracuse Dial to Y94FM

March 6, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- Even though her old affiliate, Lite Rock 105.9 (WLTI) is now an all-talk station, Delilah's still on the air in Syracuse.  Listeners who like to "slow down and love someone" with the popular syndicated hostess just need to slide their radios down to Y94FM (WYYY).

The new home of the self-described "queen of sappy love songs" shouldn't be much of a surprise -- since 2004, her show has been syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks.  Both Premiere and Y94FM are owned by Clear Channel.  WLTI, owned by Citadel, had been an affiliate well before that time, when Delilah was syndicated by other companies like Jones Radio Networks.

For Delilah and Premiere, the change might be considered an upgrade: the Fall 2009 Eastlan ratings for Syracuse show WYYY had a 3.5 rating among persons 12+, while WLTI had a 0.7.

Until last week, WYYY was one of many stations across the country countering Delilah with the syndicated John Tesh Radio Show.  No worries for Tesh fans though -- he's still offering "intelligence for your life" on Y94FM from 4-7pm.

According to Delilah's website, Y94FM is clearing her show seven nights a week from 7pm to midnight.  Elsewhere in the coverage area, she's carried by Lite 98.7 (WLZW) Utica-Rome and Magic 103.1 (WTOJ) in Watertown.  Both of those stations carry Delilah during the same hours every night except Saturdays.


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