WNYY Adds "Free Talk Live" 6 Nights a Week

April 3, 2010 by

ITHACA/CORTLAND -- Progressive Talk 1470 (WNYY) has added Free Talk Live with Mark and Ian to their lineup for one hour, weeknights at 9pm.  The show will also air Saturdays from 9pm to midnight.  The show describes itself as "talk radio that ANYONE can take control of ... about Liberty with a capital L."

Hosts Mark and Ian don't have their last names listed on the WNYY website or on the syndicated show's official website, but Wikipedia reveals their full names as Ian Freeman and Mark Edge.  The online reference site also says Edge "had served nine years in prison for his involvement in the 1988 strangulation murder of a Florida hotel manager."  Besides co-hosting, Edge serves as the show's "ad salesman."  The show's official site says Freeman "is the affiliate relations dept for [Free Talk Live]" when he's not on the air.


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