Wake Up with Mike Cauchon on TV

April 13, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- If you happen to catch Mike Cauchon from 93Q (WNTQ) looking a little tired this week, give the guy a break (and perhaps a cup of coffee).  In addition to his usual night show on the Citadel CHR station, he's pulling double duty with morning television traffic reports all week.

Cauchon tells via Twitter that he's filling in for Jeremy Miller all week.  Miller usually does the traffic reports on CNY Central Today in Central New York, which is simulcast on NBC affiliate WSTM and CBS affiliate WTVH.  (The two stations are collectively known as "CNY Central," which explains the unusually long and redundant title for the newscast.  Before the two stations merged, the show was simply known as "Action News 3 Today in CNY.")

And if that's not enough Mike Cauchon for you, check back to on Friday, when we publish our next Picture of the Week.  And yes, it'll be something besides a screenshot of his appearance on TV.


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