Kidd Chris Returns to CNY via 92.7 The Drive

May 8, 2010 by

UTICA-ROME -- Central New York native Kidd Chris, who now hosts mornings at KUFO in Portland, Oregon, is returning to the Mohawk Valley's airwaves.  He's hosting a new Saturday night show, starting tonight, on 92.7 The Drive (WXUR).  The show will air from 7pm to midnight.  Updated 5/10 with correction.

A blurb about midway down the homepage on the WXUR website promises "it's like no other Saturday night show you have ever heard!"

A press release, which arrived at earlier this week without a submitter's name or return address (we held the story until it could be verified), says Kidd Chris "started his career on K-Rock (WKRL) with the Keeler in the Morning Show in 1993" (we remember Keeler being on Rock 107 WRCK back then... are we wrong?) before moving onto bigger markets like Philadelphia and then to Portland.

Correction posted 5/10: Keeler in the Morning producer Justin Cortese confirms Bill Keeler did work at K-Rock from 1992-1995.  We appreciate him taking the time to straighten this out for us.

The release explains Kidd Chris will continue doing mornings at KUFO, as he'll be hosting his Saturday night show for WXUR remotely from his home studio.

One comment on “Kidd Chris Returns to CNY via 92.7 The Drive”

  1. Yeah, if I'd seen that sooner I'd have said the same thing - Keeler not only was on at K-rock, but got fired - I don't remember the details, I want to say it was over some kind of on the air stunt that went badly, but someone else will have to confirm that. Ed Levine had to buy WRCK to fire Keeler again. (that time I do remember, there really was no good publicly stated reason for it).


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