Changes on Ithaca's FM Dial

May 17, 2010 by

ITHACA -- Public radio listeners are noticing some recent changes on the FM dial, thanks to the anticipated launch of WITH 90.1. Ithaca's Community Radio at 88.1FM (W201CD), which had been simulcasting Geneva-based WEOS, is now simulcasting a Binghamton-area station's signal instead. Updated 5/19.

News of the changes come via this week's edition of NorthEast Radio Watch, published this morning. Scott Fybush reports ICR changed the simulcast because WITH is jointly-operated by Rochester's WXXI in cooperation with Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva. WEOS, which was previously carried by ICR, is also operated by the colleges.

ICR says it's nothing against WEOS: according to Fybush, ICR expects to lose its reception of WEOS (89.7) when WITH (90.1) signs on later this month.

As a result, Ithaca Community Radio is simulcasting WSQX from Binghamton, a station that's already been available in Ithaca on WSQG-HD2. The temporary simulcast will allow listeners without HD radio to sample WSQX's lineup. That's temporary because Fybush reports ICR is building its own studios, as it works towards launching its own full-power station, WINO 88.9. Once WINO goes live, ICR will carry that station on 89.9.

Updated 5/18 and again 5/19 to reflect frequency corrections.

3 comments on “Changes on Ithaca's FM Dial”

  1. WINO is a rather unfortunate set of call letters. Is the Ithaca market really big enough to support three different public radio signals (one HD only)?

  2. Some corrections: WEOS is at 89.7FM, WINO is at 89.9 FM.

    Ithaca has had multiple public radio services. WSKG and WEOS have been in the market for years (and WCNY and WRVO via fringe coverage or clandestine activity). WITH has been planned for years, and is planning to be on the air next week. ICR is relaying WSQX in the same way it was WEOS, until it gets its programming on the air via WINO or WRFI, both licensed to the west in Odessa and Watkins Glen. All of these signals are pretty limited in coverage. WSKG is currently a mixed format of news and classical. WITH is primarily going to be music, with some news, according to the Ithaca Times. ICR (WINO, WRFI) is going to be independent news, locally hosted shows. Of the new signals, the best coverage area will be WITH. ICR will cover Ithaca proper with the 88.1 translator. However, due to its directional signal and first Adjacent and HD of WITH will pretty much make WINO not receivable in Ithaca, except for the translator.

  3. @audio4tv Thanks for the clarifications and the additional information. Admittedly, my knowledge of the Ithaca market could be better. The original webmaster chose to include the market as part of's coverage area and I chose to honor that, especially without any other website available doing more localized coverage for Ithaca.

    Anytime we can get reader input -- whether it be clarifications on existing stories or tips for new stories -- it's greatly appreciated. That's especially true for the Ithaca market, which I can't pick up on-air at all from HQ.


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