Syracuse Press Club Holds Awards Dinner

May 17, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- Public broadcaster WRVO took home First Place in the "Radio Newscast" category at the Syracuse Press Club awards dinner on Saturday night. The Oswego-based NPR affiliate took home four other first-place awards and a second-place title. Syracuse-based NPR affiliate WAER had the second-longest list of awards, and WSYR took home three titles. Updated 5/18.

The winners were all named in advance, but the Syracuse Press Club did not reveal the rankings of the winners until Saturday evening.

Below are all the radio award winners. The complete list, which also includes print, internet and TV, is posted in PDF format on the SPC website.

Radio Spot News

  • First: Ryan Morden and Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, "Election Night 2009."
  • Second: Scott Willis, WAER, "Church Protest."

Radio Investigative

  • First: Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, "The Future and Fate of Retired Race Horses."
  • Second: Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, "Robocall Targets Espada."

Radio News Feature

  • First: Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, "Snapshot of a Family Seeking Marriage Equality."
  • Second: Alex Silverman, WSYR, "Syeacuse Beer Week."

Radio Human Interest Feature

  • First: Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, "Kindred Spirits Run Pet Food Pantry Out of Their Home."
  • Second: A. Randall Wenner, WAER, "Holiday Harp."

Radio Sports Story

  • First: Ryan Morden, WRVO, "Baseball as a Fun and Inexpensive Option in CNY."
    • Corrected 5/18/10: We originally had this award listed with a different station, due to an error on the list posted by the Syracuse Press Club.  We have corrected this to Morden's correct station, WRVO, and we thank retired WRVO GM John Krauss for bringing the error to our attention.
  • Second: Erik Elken, WAER, "Empire State Games Cancelled."

Radio Sports Show

  • First: Eric Rothman and Alex Perlman, WAER, "Twitter and Sports."
  • Second: David Resnick and sports staff, WAER, "Countdown to Kickoff."

Radio Miniseries

  • First: Ellen Abbott, WSYR, "Sexting: Not So Safe."
  • Second: Ryan Delaney, Chris Bolt, John Smith and Scott Willis, WAER, "Syracuse Mayoral Election - By the Issues."

Radio Newscast

  • First: Jason Smith, Jasmyn Belcher and Ryan Morden, WRVO, "WRVO News - The 8am Report."
  • Second: Alex Silverman, Tiffany Latino, Jim Beebe, Nikolai Busko and Jay Fishman, WSYR, "WSYR 7:30am News, Nov. 4, 2009."

Radio Public Affairs Program

  • First: Brad Horn, Chris Bolt and Ryan Delaney, WAER, "Veterans, We're Listening."
  • Second: WRVO Staff, WRVO, "WRVO Community Forum: The Race for Syracuse Mayor."

Other Notables

WSYR/WHEN sports reporter/host Kevin Maher and former colleague Rishi Baran won second place in the TV Sports Show category for "CBS-5 SU vs. Villanova Pregame Show" when they both worked at WTVH-TV.  Maher also was one of two recipients of the Selwyn Kershaw Professional Standards Awards.

Former Newsradio 570 WSYR staffer Jessica Cain won first place in Television Miniseries for "Super Savers" while working at Watertown's WWNY-TV (she recently moved to WSTM-TV in Syracuse).

Bud Poliquin, co-host of "Bud and the Manchild" on The Score 1260 (WSKO) won first place in the Daily Sports Column category for "Not a Banner Moment." He and Post-Standard colleague Mike Waters shared second place Daily Sports Story for "Six Overtimes."


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