Many Weekend Changes at WRVO

June 14, 2010 by

OSWEGO -- NPR affiliate WRVO has a slew of weekend lineup changes taking effect later this month. Some shows will be moving timeslots, while others will be replaced with new programming. Among the more notable changes, The WRVO Playhouse will soon have a consistent 9pm start time, seven nights a week, rather than starting an hour earlier on weekends.

On a special "Programming Changes" page on the WRVO website, management acknowledges that the changes may irk some listeners, but since the changes were "based on evolving listening habits, response to listener interest, and requests," they believe most will welcome the new schedule.

The changes take effect the weekend of June 26-27, and are as follows:


  • No changes from midnight to 1pm.
  • 1:00pm - This American Life
  • 2:00pm - Snap-Judgment
  • 3:00pm - On The Media
  • 4:00pm - Weekly Edition
  • 5:00pm - All Things Considered
  • 6:00pm - A Prairie Home Companion
  • 8:00pm - Selected Shorts
  • 9:00pm - The WRVO Playhouse


  • No changes from midnight to 2pm.
  • 2:00pm - Public Radio Presents
  • 3:00pm - Sound Print
  • 4:00pm - Marketplace Money
  • 5:00pm - All Things Considered
  • 6:00pm - Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
  • 7:00pm - Sound Opinions
  • 8:00pm - Car Talk
  • 9:00pm - The WRVO Playhouse

Die-hard NPR fans probably realize there's no such show titled "Public Radio Presents."  That's what WRVO is calling this "special program slot," according to the station website. The timeslot will be used to rotate various short-series programs like The Moth, Radio Lab, and The Really Big Questions. A more detailed schedule is "coming soon."

The WRVO website also gives more detail behind each of the changes. For example, in the case of The WRVO Playhouse, the later start time is attributed to the fact that Mark Lavonier has been the program's sole host/producer since John Krauss -- who was the station's GM and Playhouse weekend host -- retired from WRVO earlier this year. Cutting the weekend shows back by one hour will lighten Lavonier's load a bit; not to mention, the station says the show's ratings are strongest from 9pm onward anyway.

Monday Nights

Aside from the weekend schedule changes, WRVO's agreement with L.A. Theater Works is about to end, and apparently will not be renwewed. But the station plans to keep the "modern storytelling and drama" theme of Monday nights intact with a variety of other programs.

Got News?

Thanks to the reader who noticed these program changes on the WRVO website.  Anytime you've got news to share, email or just click the Contact button in the menu at the top of the page.


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