K-Rockathon Goes Hi-Tech with iPhone App

July 6, 2010 by

SYRACUSE/UTICA-ROME -- Galaxy's trio of K-Rock stations (WKRL/WKRH/WKLL) are jumping on the Apple bandwagon with a new K-Rockathon 15 App available for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad.  The app is free and downloadable as of today.

As iPhone users would expect, the app is available through iTunes (CLICK HERE for a direct link to the app).  K-Rock PD Nixon tells the app allows users to look up bios on all the artists, see what time each artist will be performing, and if you haven't bought tickets yet, you'll be able to get 'em through the app.

Making use of the famous catchphrase, Nixon says "If any concertgoer with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPod has a question [about K-Rockathon 15], they know 'There's an app for that!'"

K-Rockathon 15 is set to take place all day Saturday, July 31 at the New York State Fairgrounds, with Limp Bizkit and Avenged Sevenfold headlining more than a dozen other national and local acts.  CLICK HERE for our earlier coverage on the complete lineup.

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Thanks to Nixon for including us on the his media distribution list.  If you're a PD, ops manager or GM, be sure to include on your distribution lists and keep us in the loop when you have news to share with the local media and/or the national trades.


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