Arbitron Re-Issuing Watertown Ratings

July 28, 2010 by

WATERTOWN -- Arbitron today told its clients that it has disqualified two in-tab diaries from its Fall 2009 survey of the Watertown market. The ratings giant explains the diaries "were returned from a household whose participation in the survey was disclosed to a media-affiliated individual." Arbitron says some ratings -- particularly for The Border 106.7 (WBDR-FM) -- may be "substantially affected" as a result of removing the two diaries.

Arbitron says the combined Spring 2010/Fall 2009 report, due August 4th, was calculated without the questionable diaries. On the same date, Arbitron will release a revised edition of its Fall 2009/Spring 2009 report.

Arbitron provided with a copy of the notice it issued to clients:

Arbitron has learned that two Fall 2009 Watertown Metro diaries were returned from a household whose participation in the survey was disclosed to a media-affiliated individual. These diaries, which were in-tab for Fall 2009, should not be included in the in-tab sample.

The Spring 2010/Fall 2009 Watertown, NY Radio Market Report, scheduled for release on August 4, will be based on an in-tab sample that excludes these diaries. In addition, a revised Fall 2009/Spring 2009 report that excludes these diaries will be released on August 4, concurrent with the release of the Spring 2010/Fall 2009 report.

Revised Fall 2009 Maximi$er and Media Professional estimates, a revised Fall 2009/Spring 2009 Summary Data Set, and revised Fall 2009/Spring 2009 TAPSCAN data will also release on August 4.

Audience estimates for WBDR-FM may be substantially affected in particular demos and dayparts. Estimates for stations that received limited amounts of listening in the diaries may also be affected to a minor extent. In addition, estimates to stations that were not recorded in the deleted diaries may be slightly affected as a result of sample balancing and reprocessing procedures that accompany deletion of any diary from the sample.

Questions may be directed to your Arbitron representative.

Arbitron did not elaborate about how WBDR-FM was connected to the updated numbers, nor would the company answer our question as to whether the P12+ numbers will be made public or if they would be embargoed.

In order to maximize the integrity of the ratings process, Arbitron does not allow the households of media-affiliated persons to participate as diarykeepers, and those who are selected as diarykeepers are not supposed to make their status known to anyone working in the media.

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