Josh Grosvent to Handle Mornings at 95X

August 18, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- He's been a regular guest with Ted & Amy on 93Q (WNTQ) for a few years, even stepping in as substitute co-host (with Chris Xaver) whenever Ted & Amy are on vacation.  Starting next month, comedian Josh Grosvent will hosting his own morning show on sister station 95X (WAQX).

Grosvent posted the news today on his blog,  He calls the news bittersweet, saying Ted & Amy "have opened so many doors for me, but that's the irony of this situation: the doors they have opened have been so huge, it has taken me away from them."

The blog post goes on to say Grosvent's new show debuts Tuesday, September 7 -- the day after Labor Day.  He says he'll be starting at 5:30, a half-hour earlier than the active rocker's current "Shut Up and Rock Mornings" hosted by Hunter Scott.

Grosvent explains he'll be joined by Scott on his new show -- "except now, he'll no longer be asked to shut up."

In his blog, Grosvent says Ted and Amy support his decision to launch his own show, but their door is always open -- "so in six months when I do something offensive and get the show taken away, I can simply walk across the hall again," but the comedian says he hopes he'll be on 95X for a long time to come.

Between this and his other projects Grosvent says he'll be pretty busy -- the father of one, with a second on the way, says he plans to keep co-hosting the weekly live Walk Up Radio podcast at Wise Guys Comedy Club in Syracuse, and he's a contributing writer for Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment.


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