Z93wind Marks 200th Show

October 14, 2010 by

WATERTOWN -- The Z93 (WCIZ) show that brings listeners back in time -- for both local and musical history -- (hence the name Z93wind) will be celebrating it's 200th show this weekend.

Every Sunday at noon, host Jeff Shannon puts the spotlight on one particular month between the 1970s and the mid 90s.  In addition to counting down the top songs from the charts during that month, Shannon recalls some of the most memorable events that made headlines in Jefferson County.

For example, this weekend's show will cover December 1987, when, among other events, the Flower Library got its first PC and an uproar was sparked by rival schools when Indian River allowed boys to play on its girls volleyball team. A preview of upcoming shows -- and audio from the last several shows -- can be found on the Z93wind webpage.

Shannon has done weekend radio shifts in Watertown for 20 years, and during the week, he's the Promotions/Marketing Director for television stations WWNY and WNYF.  He says Z93wind premiered in 2006.


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