WSYR Tweaks Newscast Format

October 25, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- Notice anything missing from the newscasts at Newsradio 570 WSYR?  Starting today, we're told most newscasts will be completely locally-anchored.  This is as opposed to the previous format, in which a national update from Fox News Radio would precede the local content.

We thought we heard this happening on a few occasions last week, but an anonymous source (outside of the station) tells us they've heard the new format is "official" as of this morning.

Previously, the station would provide a quick "tease" of local headlines at the top of the hour, but a 2-minute national newscast from Fox News Radio would precede the full details on those local stories.  At the bottom of the hour, a shorter Fox newscast would often come before local stories.

Now, the format has been reverted, similar to the format in place before the top-of-hour Fox News casts were installed: during most hours on most days, the local anchor will handle the entire news window.  National and world news are still included in the new format, but the amount and placement are at the discretion of the local anchor, rather than the network.

The change comes roughly a week after former Fox News Radio correspondent Chris Barnes took over as the new morning anchor at the Clear Channel property.  We're told Barnes is also assuming news director responsibilities.

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