and Finally Joins Facebook

October 30, 2010 by

There are many ways to make sure you're up to date with the very latest from  And now we've got one more way for you to make sure you don't miss any stories: the new page on Facebook.

Anytime we post a story to the site, it will also appear on Facebook.  So if you visit the page and "Like" it, our stories will show up in your Facebook news feed.  Comments posted on will automatically be crossposted to Facebook (though it's not an instant process, so be patient).  But for now, it doesn't work the other way around -- so if you comment a story on Facebook, your comments won't be duplicated back over to

We actually launched the page a few days ago, but we wanted to test it out and make sure everything was working properly (ie. stories automatically posting to the page and appearing in people's news feeds) before we made a public announcement.

If you're not a big fan of Facebook, remember that all new story headlines are also automatically posted to Twitter, as well as our RSS feed.  And of course, you can always just visit the homepage to see if there are any new stories.

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