Kiss-FM Awarded for Working with Youth

December 13, 2010 by

UTICA/ROME -- Kiss-FM (WSKS/WSKU) has received the "Shining Star Award" from the School and Business Alliance (SABA) at Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES. The award recognizes the station for a variety of activities that help educate high-school age students about careers in broadcasting.

Kiss-FM APD/Promotions Director S-Dot tells the stations received the award on Friday night. The proclamation from SABA reads as follows:

"The School and Business Alliance would like to acknowledge 97.5/105.5 KISS FM for their dedication in hosting students and speaking at several career days. KISS FM, a top 40 radio station in Utica, actively involves shadow students in its daily business activities. Further, KISS FM is a positive advocate for students and assists them in networking with other relevant professionals. They have established a good rapport with students and encourage feedback. Consistently, students report that they had great experiences learning the different dynamics of music and music production."

Among the requirements to receive the Shining Star award, a business must be willing to provide tours and/or shadowing experiences to students interested in the field. The tour or shadowing experience must include a detailed overview of the business, including the kinds of work skills required to enter the field and an outlook for the career(s) offered at the workplace.

S-Dot says Kiss-FM usually hosts about 25-30 students each semester.  They've also hosted interns through the BOCES Regional Program for Excellence, including one over the summer and another now during the fall semester.

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