No Local Word on Clear Channel Layoffs

December 15, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- You may have read about layoffs at various Clear Channel clusters across the country recently. According to multiple reports on some of the national trade websites, the company axed dozens of positions, mostly "back-office" jobs, last Thursday. Here in Syracuse, management is keeping mum.

We've heard mixed reports from sources who are trusted to be knowledgeable on the topic, but requested anonymity. From the various reports, it seems as if at least one, perhaps two staffers were let go in Syracuse. left a message with market manager Joel Delmonico on Tuesday morning, allowing him the opportunity to confirm, deny, or otherwise comment.  But as of close-of-business Wednesday, we have not received any response.

At the very least, it appears there haven't been any changes to the on-air lineups for any of the six stations located on Plum Street.

The national trades said this round of cuts would focus primarily on implementing a "hub and spoke" model in which certain functions would be "centralized," where one person serves the same function for clusters in several markets -- rather than having individual people doing that same job in every single market.  According to Tom Taylor on Radio-Info, word of the layoffs leaked early, after someone mistakenly uploaded a PowerPoint slideshow to a part of the company's internal computer network where any employee could view it.

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