WSYR-FM Calls Officially Back in Syracuse

January 6, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- The recently-rebranded "FM Newsradio 106.9 WSYR" really is WSYR-FM now, according to the FCC's FM Query database.  Although Clear Channel had filed last month to swap the old WPHR calls with the former WSYR-FM in Florida, 106.9 had to keep WPHR as its legal ID until the FCC OK'd the changes.  A clip of the "WPHR Solvay, WSYR-AM Syracuse" ID was recently posted on  The FCC lists the change as effective 1/3/11, even though 106.9 was still ID'ing as WPHR later into the week.

2 comments on “WSYR-FM Calls Officially Back in Syracuse”

  1. Caught Jim Grief slipping up and forgetting the FM just before I dialed over to WFBL this afternoon. Had to stop and correct himself.

  2. I see the second run of Glenn Beck Weekend on Sunday nights at 7 has been replaced by a live show, the Ben Ferguson Show (might not be spelling that right).


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