New Cable TV Competitor for Solvay, Geddes

January 20, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- While Time Warner is the only cable TV option for most of Central New York, two Syracuse suburbs are about to have three cable companies to choose from.  In addition to TWC and Verizon FiOS, a locally-based company that already offers high-speed internet and digital phone service is about to begin offering cable TV too.

According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, East Syracuse-based New Vision Powerline Communications expects to gain state approval today, to begin offering cable TV service to customers in Solvay and Geddes.  The article explains that the increased competition could encourage Time Warner and Verizon to lower (or at least hold the line) on their rates.

As of yet, the company's website for it's "Blink" product line says rates for TV service are "coming soon," but current rates are already listed for existing services -- internet and telephone... including this one we spotted:

Courtesy Graphic designer: please see how to use spell check in Photoshop.

The newspaper report says New Visions Powerline already has franchise deals in place with both Solvay and Geddes; the two municipalities will skim 5% off the top of customers' monthly bills, which Tim Knauss reports is "similar to their agreements with other cable operators."


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