WEOS One-Day Fundraiser Gets $6,205 in Pledges

February 9, 2011 by

GENEVA -- Finger Lakes Public Radio (WEOS) says it raised $6,205 in pledges from listeners, following "One-Day Fundraiser" which lasted 12 hours today.  The station's goal was $7,000, and even though the on-air portion of the fundraiser is over, you can still donate to the NPR affiliate online.

The day-long fundraiser was a long one for the two co-hosts who spent 12 hours behind the mic, talking about all the different types of programming WEOS offers to listeners in the Finger Lakes region.  GM Aaron Read was joined by Scott Fybush from partner station WXXI in Rochester (yes, the same Scott Fybush behind the Tower Site of the Week and NorthEastRadio Watch on

The $6,205 total posted on the WEOS website is "pending any checks sent via mail," so it could actually be lower if anyone changes their mind or forgets to mail that check.  On the other hand, it could be higher, as donations are still being accepted online or by mail, even if you missed the on-air fundraising efforts.

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