Galaxy Praised by Onondaga County Executive

March 2, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- One local radio company was specifically mentioned during Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney's State of the County address last night.  Galaxy Communications received applause for helping 2010-2011 become "the most successful year on record" for the annual "Lights on the Lake" at Onondaga Lake Park.

The mention came during part of the speech where Mahoney was detailing ways in which the County has been trying to trim costs while minimizing the impacts on local services.  Here's an excerpt from the relevant part of the speech, as seen on page 9 of the 13-page speech (PDF):

In another example of working with our neighbors, the County partnered with Galaxy Communications for this year’s Lights on the Lake. Galaxy took on the responsibility to promote the event and it became the most successful year on record. 38,554 vehicles drove through the display and 192,143 people viewed the lights. The culmination was on New Year’s Eve with First Night Central New York. The more than 7,000 people who attended enjoyed great music, family oriented games and an amazing fireworks show over Onondaga Lake at midnight.

The arrangement between Galaxy and Onondaga County is a great example of looking at something we’ve done for years and figuring out a new way to do it that improved the public’s experience while removing financial risk to the County. Thank you to Ed and Pam Levine and Galaxy Communications for your hard work.

In an audio recording of the speech we received (from a member of a non-Galaxy media outlet), Mahoney only differed from the script in rounding-off the attendance numbers as "38 thousand" and "192 thousand" respectively.  Mahoney's thanks to Galaxy was followed by several seconds of applause before she moved on to her next topic.

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