Perry Noun's Golf Show Moving to ESPN Radio

March 11, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- As warmer weather approaches, duffers will be pleased to hear that Perry Noun's long running Tee Time with the Pronoun will be back on the radio this spring -- though it'll have a new home on the dial for its tenth season. Because Noun's old station, WHEN 620, abandoned its old sports format a few months ago, he's relocating to the ESPN Radio stations owned by Galaxy Communications.

This one's from the "better late than never file" as we just today found a week-old article by Chris Wagner for the Syracuse Post-Standard. Even though we're late to the party on this one, you haven't missed anything -- Noun tells the newspaper he won't resume his seasonal show until at least March 19th, perhaps March 26th.

When the show does begin, it'll air Saturdays from 7-9am on ESPN Radio 97.7 (W249BC/Mattydale) and 100.1 (W261AC/Oswego), also available on the AM dial at 1200 WTLA/North Syracuse and 1440 WSGO/Oswego.

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