WSKO's Danny Parkins Heading West

March 25, 2011 by

Updated 3/30: Parkins has Tweeted his new home is Kansas City and he starts his new show there on Monday.  His new home is "610 Sports" (KCSP) and his timeslot is weekdays, 9-11am Central.

SYRACUSE -- He already left Syracuse once in 2009, after graduating from Syracuse University.  Today, Danny Parkins surprised listeners by announcing he's leaving again: today was his final show at The Score 1260 (WSKO).   As for his next stop -- we've been given some hints, but no definite answers yet.

Parkins gave a hint yesterday afternoon on Twitter, promising there would be "a huge show announcement" right at the top of today's show.  That's when he told listeners -- after just 9 months on middays at WSKO -- he has accepted a new position elsewhere.  But for various reasons, Parkins isn't yet revealing where he'll be hanging his headphones next.

Citadel Operations Manager Tom Mitchell tells Parkins -- a native of the Chicago area -- has accepted "a new job at a sports radio station in a yet-to-be-disclosed Midwestern NFL/MLB market."

Mitchell added, "while we will miss Danny’s contributions to The Score 1260, we are very proud of his career move. Someone in a major league market saw what we have seen in Danny…talent, drive, and passion. We wish him the best."

This is not only the second time Parkins has been to Syracuse, but it's also his second tour of duty with Citadel.  While he was an undergrad at SU, he worked for the same station as producer of "On the Block" with Brent Axe.  Parkins also headed up the sports department at Syracuse University's WAER.  He left both stations right around graduation time in 2009.

Axe, on his own show this afternoon, said he was extremely happy to have Parkins back on-staff, and happy for Parkins to move onto a bigger market.  "If you didn't know he wasn't from around here, you probably wouldn't know," Axe said, commenting on Parkins' knowledge of the local sports scene.  Parkins said he'd announce his new job sometime next week via @DannyParkins on Twitter.

What's Next?

Tom Mitchell tells the noon-2pm timeslot will remain local, with a rotation of guest hosts until a permanent host is named.  He says "we will start with some of the people in our building who are capable of filling in," but applications are being accepted and a formal job posting will be released next week.

Got News?

Thanks to Tom Mitchell for the announcement on Parkins' departure (and for a quick response to our follow-up questions).  Anytime there's news happening at your station, email or send a news tip through the Contact Form.

3 comments on “WSKO's Danny Parkins Heading West”

  1. The 3/30 tweet update - and lately, too much of what the editor publishes here - is inane, self-indulgent bullsh*t.

  2. Maybe the KC market will appreciate his little quirk of substituting D for T in words\names such as impordant, Cam Newdon, Andy Raudins. Even in his work on commercials where presumably he could re-take - "hidding the town". Made it real easy to switch stations. Guy couldn't get through an hour without this glaring error in pronunciation.


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