Leo Rayhill to Mark 50 Years in Radio

April 4, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- Tomorrow will be a very special day for Leo Rayhill. The Sounds of Jazz host will be celebrating 50 years since he got his start in radio. Back then, he was at the former WQSR in Syracuse. These days, you'll find Rayhill on WCNY-HD3 every day, and on WCNY-FM's main channel on Sundays.

The Syracuse Post-Standard's Mark Bialczak recently sat down with Rayhill for a chat about his long radio career, his love of jazz, and thoughts about how much longer the 83-year-old Utica native plans to stay on the radio.

Rayhill's show on WCNY-HD3 runs seven days a week from 2-6pm. You won't need HD Radio to listen on Sundays, but the weekend version of the show is just an hour, starting at 5pm.

New Look for WCNY's Website

We'll also take a moment to point out that WCNY's website at has a brand new look. We're not sure exactly when it went up, but it's definitely recent, as we know the "old" site was still active when we last visited not too long ago. The new site looks very nice, and we found the new menus make it considerably easier to navigate the site.

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