"Pictures of the Week" from 2001-05 Reposted

April 9, 2011 by

Three weeks ago, nearly all of the "lost archives" from the original (2001-2005) were finally republished here.  Today, we're proud to announce all of the original site's Picture of the Week images are now once again available for your viewing pleasure. founder Scott Jameson, who ran the site from 2001 to 2005, recently came across the entire collection and sent them in.  We're very pleased to be able to re-publish them today.

They're all posted on the Facebook Page.  (We hope you click "like" when you go there!)  The reason for Facebook is because there's no easy, quick (read: automated) way to post all the photos and their original captions as articles here on the new site.  So, rather than make everyone wait a very long time for me to manually republish them one by one, I figured I'll just put them on Facebook.

Classic POTWs reposted on FacebookFeel free to "tag" any faces of friends you recognize, and to post comments regarding the date/location/circumstances of the photos.  As time permits, I'll dig through Scott's original story database and post the captions which originally accompanied each photo when it was published on the old site.

The photos are posted in four separate albums, based on the year in which the photos were originally featured on the site.  Picture of the Week started in 2002, and continued up until the point Scott decided to cease publication in 2005.

When was revived in 2008, we kept things simple for a few weeks, but after only a month, the Picture of the Week tradition was revived.  All of the "new" Pictures of the Week are right here on the site; just click "Pic of the Week" in the category menu near the top of the page to view them all.

Anytime you've got new photos of the latest happenings at your station -- or a nice "blast from the past" to share, be sure to send it in!  There's a new Picture of the Week every Friday and we're always grateful for your contributions to this weekly tradition.  You can email your photos to or upload them via our Contact Form.  And now that we're also, that includes you folks working in TV land, too!


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