POTW: Old Friends and Foes Unite (2011)

April 15, 2011 by

ROCHESTER -- Back in the 70s, you might say Utica radio stations WRUN and WBVM had a rivalry that matched that of Ron Burgundy and Wes Mantooth in "Anchorman" -- well, maybe except for the deadly back alley battles involving trident-wielding weathermen.  But, just as Wes and Ron set aside their differences,  so have these former local rivals.

Our thanks to Jeff Moulton, who sent in this photo, including some of the mid 1970s staffs of WRUN and WBVM.

From left: Brian J. Walker (Dr Don) WBVM, Jeff Moulton -WRUN (later WBVM), Paul Russell DeLaubell - WRUN (later WBVM), Don Perry - WRUN and Jim Pastrick WBVM.

Jeff says, "we were bitter enemies long ago but met at the Dinosaur in Rochester to mend fences, tell stories, and eat & drink."  He even came dressed appropriately for the event, adding, "notice the Utica Club shirt I'm wearing."

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