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April 19, 2011 by

OSWEGO -- The past six months have been rather interesting for WRVO.  The NPR affiliate has a new GM, and the station has been watching from afar as  lawmakers in Washington have threatened to cut funding for public broadcasting income management in 2021.  Those issues are among the topics discussed within three "cover story" articles in a local business magazine.

That magazine is Oswego County Business, and the April/May 2011 cover photo of a smiling Dr. Michael Ameigh is hard to miss on local newsstands.  One of the articles introduces readers to Ameigh -- who became GM in October -- and other leaders within the WRVO organization.  Another focuses on how WRVO is adapting to the changing demands of its audience.  A third article examines how recent problems within NPR's national offices could impact local stations like WRVO.

Although Oswego County Business has a website, you must have a print subscription in order to login and read the articles online.  (Quick editorial side comment: If the website is only fully-available to people who already have the magazine in-hand, what's the point of the website?) So if you're not a subscriber, you'll need to find a hard copy somewhere (as we did earlier today).

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