Jim Reith Hosting Auction to Benefit Abused Children

May 13, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- Afternoon host Jim Reith at FM Newsradio 106.9 and 570 WSYR will conclude his week-long auction to benefit the McMahon Ryan House today.  Every cent raised will be donated to the organization, which provides services to physically and sexually abused children.

The complete list of auction items is available on Jim Reith's blog on the WSYR website.  On the same blog, Reith explains why there's more need than ever:

The organization is moving into a much bigger location, and when you think about sad is that? Their services are needed so badly that they are moving into a space that is 10 times the square footage of the old facility. Hundreds of children, ages 0 to 18 years, are seen each year. And yes, that includes infants who have been both physically and sexually abused.

On his Facebook page, Reith says all the concert tickets, photo packages, gift certificates and other items being are only being auctioned off on-air, during his show.  Reith also reminds listeners, if they aren't interested in the auction items, they can still phone in a pledge.

Reith is normally on the air from 3-7pm, but because there's a Yankees game tonight, Reith is scheduled to sign off at 6:30, when pre-game coverage begins.

In addition to the on-air auction items, a number of "online only" packages are listed at


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