Comings and Goings In Ithaca: Tom's In, Katie's Out

May 17, 2011 by

ITHACA/CORTLAND -- Look for some personality changes on the Ithaca radio dial. "Hits Girl Katie" from Hits 103.3 (W277BS) is heading south to New York City, as the station announces the search for its next Hits Girl. Meantime, sister station Lite Rock 97.3 (WYXL) is adding syndicated host Tom Kent to its weekend lineup.

Hits Girl Hitting the Road

CHR station Hits 103.3 (also available via HD Radio via WYXL-HD2) bids farewell to its lone personality, "Hits Girl Katie." In a recent email blast to listeners, the station linked to Katie's blog, where she sums up her favorite memories from her time in Ithaca. There's no specific departure date mentioned, but Katie says she's moving to New York City.

That same email blast also announces the search for a new Hits Girl to become the face of the station. In addition to the usual basic info, the station is requesting photographs of all the applicants, and there's an optional field for applicants to include the URL to a YouTube audition video, for those who choose to record one.

In addition to a real job at the station, the "winner" (this is technically being considered a contest, rather than a job opening) will receive a host of prizes including a professional photo shoot, a health club membership and salon visits.  According to the official contest rules (PDF file), the job portion of the package involves making appearances at various station events, with a schedule requiring "a minumum of 0-15 hours" per week, at a pay rate of $10 per hour, over the course of 12 months.  The winner will be named on or before June 27.

Tom Kent on Lite Rock 97.3

From the "better late than never" file, reported last week that syndicated host Tom Kent's "Ultimate Party" show is added to the weekend schedule on Lite Rock 97.3. The show is slotted to air Saturdays from 7pm to midnight.

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