POTW: Meet the WNDR Team (ca. 1976)

July 15, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- Since the great majority of our Pictures of the Week document recent events, we're always glad to receive reader submissions that give us the chance to take a trip back in time.  And this is one of those weeks -- we're headed back to the mid 1970s for a look at the talent lineup from 1260 WNDR.

Our thanks to Sandi Mulconry (who reminds us her last name was Tams when she worked there), for sending along scans of this publicity card.  First up is the front of the card:

WAIT -- Before you scroll down any further, can you name any of these guys on your own?  We'll give you one hint -- one of these guys is currently working as the morning host on a Syracuse radio station.  Once you're done guessing -- or if you've given up -- scroll down to see the names, as they were printed on the flip side of this photo:

Got Pictures?

Our thanks again to Sandi, who responded to our last-minute pleas for photo submissions on our Facebook Page and Twitter feed.  Next Friday will be here before we know it-- and it'll be time for another Picture of the Week.  Whether you've got a snapshot of a recent happening at your local radio or TV station, or a look at something notable from the past, send those shots to or use the Contact Form.


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